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Concrete + Crystals

Natural lepidolite rough crystal

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Lepidolite is a mica variety and it can be anywhere from gray or yellow to dark purple. This stuff is that purple.

Since it’s a mica, it’s super soft on the surface, as the defining mineral for a 2 on the Mohs scale, you can scratch it with your fingernail, but it is quite solid and sturdy as long as you are careful.

Raw and rough stones can really help us understand why and how a mineral got its healing reputation, especially for physical ailments. I’ve been dyyyyying of allergies this spring. Lepidolite does seem to help sooth my nasal passages - and it has a gentle, almost crayon-like scent to it.

Mica is also non toxic and is the base of many mineral makeups, since it’s flakes are ✨ sparkly ✨! Priced by weight.

Disclaimer: Crystals are not a replacement for western or professional medical help. This information is provided for reference only. I do not claim to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease or condition.