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Beautiful Uruguay Grape Jelly Amethyst Clusters

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Gorgeous dark purple grape jelly amethyst clusters from Uruguay. This locality is prized for the darkest amethyst found in the world! These specimens are no exception with deep purple colors throughout. Some are even almost black!

UA13: 596g
UA14: 584g
UA15: 256g
UA16: 147g
UA17: 140g
UA18: 103g
UA19: 72g
UA20: 53g

UA13 and UA14 are definitely "Statement" pieces at over 1lb each. They both have a gorgeous 3-dimensionality to them where the formation ebbs and flows over the matrix.

UA15 has a "Loose tooth" in the formation. This is fairly common with this material. It came this way to me and I will take every precaution to make sure it does not fall out before it comes to you. It does not detract from the beauty or value of the piece at all. If you choose, you may "pull it" and it can always be replaced as long as it is done carefully. However I leave this decision to you as the final owner of the stone! UA15 is also my personal favorite of the bunch as it has the largest individual crystals of all of the pieces. This is quite the find!