Our Values

I value: Simplicity, sustainability, long-lasting beauty, the planet and people above all (including profit); sourcing responsibly and building long-term relationships with suppliers and customers; bringing unique beauty into your home & life.

Soul Statement

By buying gorgeous natural crystals and zero-waste home and beauty goods from my small business, you contribute to community-based direct aid, beautify your home, and reduce your carbon and trash footprint. In doing so, you improve your spiritual connection to the Earth, gain optimism about our climate future, and move forward into alignment with your highest self.

Mineral allies, simple handmade beauty necessities, and a curated selection of thoughtful goods for hearth + home.

I started out making handmade concrete items and selling them to friends and family in the summer of 2020 to help give back to justice-impacted communities, and I still view this business primarily as a way to give back. I donate much more than my monthly gross profits to a selection of organizations - either assisting in disaster recovery, fighting against racism and the impacts of capitalism and colonialism, or spreading education and hope through a wide range of communities in the USA.

My goal with this shop has never been to make money for myself - it's always been a lens to create more good for the world. By bringing in a few aligned brands to help fill my digital shelves, I can bridge the gap between my handmade products, my curated crystal collection, and my home and beauty products in a way that creates a coherent whole, doing net good for the planet and for all people.

Sustainable Home + Health

For the 2021 holiday season, I am bringing in a small collection of outside brands to showcase in this new and expanded storefront. I started hand making concrete planters and dishes last summer, and while I am still doing so in a limited manner, I just don’t have the time or energy to scale up production - so I’ve decided to start curating a small selection of aligned home goods and gifts to sell on my website. There are so many makers creating gorgeous concrete home goods today, and I want to support their dreams as much as I want to make my own come true. I'll still offer my curated selection of crystals - my sparkly mineral friends & allies - which will still be available on Etsy, as well as on my own site, for the foreseeable future.

We are entering an era where there is no longer a choice between life as usual and an intentional low to zero waste lifestyle. Every piece of plastic that you purchase and throw away is a piece of plastic that should never have been produced. By supporting brands up and down the supply chain that are committed to as small a plastic and carbon footprint as possible, you vote for optimism in the face of a corporate machine that wants you to believe there is no other option. By sourcing from brands that support the same values as I do, it enables me to fully support the brands that I offer, and together we can create a sustainable future. 

Magic is the intention that we craft within our homes, our relationships, and our lives. As our thoughts become our actions and our actions create our reality, the thoughts we choose in turn become the future of our lives. By choosing to believe in synchronicity and the power of intention, we co-create a new future in which our power is returned to us, and we can save our planet. What we refer to as magic is simply the intent of the will, externalized. Science cannot adequately demonstrate any lack of a magical effect, and indeed an overwhelming body of evidence indicates that our perceptions do, in fact, influence outcomes at the quantum scale. By embracing this belief, we can amplify it, and bring about the world we wish to live within.

General Information


I ship to the USA via USPS and UPS. I package and ship orders using all recycled or eco-friendly packaging - any plastic you receive in your order is on at least its 2nd use. I strive to use entirely recyclable/compostable materials.

Depending on order weight & size, I will ship via USPS Priority or First Class. Larger orders will be sent via UPS 2-day or UPS Ground. If you would like to request specific shipping, please contact me.

I don't currently offer international shipping via this website, but I do ship worldwide via my Etsy shop. If there is something you don't see on here that you don't see listed there, please contact me!

Gift Wrapping

I don't offer traditional gift wrapping, since it doesn't align with my brand values of eco-friendliness above all. However, with small and fragile items like crystals, each item is individually padded and wrapped within the shipping box, so the shipping box can be used as a gift box - I don't include a paper invoice or packing list in the box for the same reasons.

If you'd like a gift message, please indicate that on the checkout page and I will pass the note along to your recipient. I can also add a "Do not open before" date to the outer packaging if you would like!

Sourcing Minerals

Sourcing minerals is time consuming and requires a depth of knowledge about a lot more than just rocks. I strive to source everything as high quality and ethically as I can; however, it's impossible for me, a one-human operation, to be able to visit the end supplier of these minerals first-hand. I work with the highest quality suppliers in the USA and worldwide in order to bring the best specimens to this shop at the best prices. However, there is always a higher fee for high quality and for ethical sourcing - as paying employees a living wage costs more than using slave labor. I also have low overhead as an online-only shop, so I do my best to pass on the lowest markup possible.

The vast majority of my collection come from South America, primarily Brazil. Pink Amethyst is mined in Argentina and generally polished in Brazil. Uruguay is home to some of the highest quality amethyst in terms of color, and the dark "grape jelly" amethyst is only found there. However, I do offer minerals from around the globe - pyrite from Spain, spirit quartz from South Africa, malachite from Congo, citrine from Zambia, quartz from Arkansas, USA, and much more.

I never knowingly sell heat-treated or dyed products. I also tend toward the more natural side, and don't generally stock intricate carvings or aura-treated products. I try to include information about whether an item is polished or natural in the description, but if you are in doubt, please reach out!


I do not offer returns, but I can offer refunds up to and including your purchase price under certain circumstances.

Returns represent a significant carbon impact on e-commerce businesses. Not only the carbon footprint of shipping the item back to the brand; the vast majority of returned items are destined for a landfill, since items that have been sold are not sellable as new. 

Crystals are vibrational creatures with a living energy and will pick up on any energy in their vicinity; I'm not able to resell a returned crystal, so I don't take them as returns. If a particular crystal turns out to not be right for you, there is a vibrant community on Instagram where you will likely be able to find its forever home.

However, sometimes crystals don't harmonize with us in ways that can be more instructive than a perfect harmony. If you find that you dislike a piece, taking the time to figure out why can often reveal as much about you as it does about the crystal itself. Perhaps you were not prepared for the lesson it was here to give - that's fine! If you have space, you may just tuck it away for awhile. I've done this and had crystals that I forgot that I had, resurface a few years later at just the right time.

I do my very best to package every crystal in a safe manner. Crystals are natural material, and some of them are more fragile than others. Sometimes, something may be damaged in shipping. If this occurs, please contact me and we will make arrangements. However, every piece is absolutely unique and cannot be repaired or replaced - and even broken crystals are beautiful in their own ways.

In any case, if you are not thrilled about the quality, packaging, or any other aspect of your order, please get in touch and we can work out a refund. As I said, I don't offer returns, but I may refund up to your purchase price in cases where the item was not as described.